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Joseph offers video psychotherapy to the families of the severely mentally ill, as well as to caregivers generally and adults who seek insight and powerful, positive change with respect to identity issues, life transitions, relationships, and crises of faith, meaning, or loss.

Severe psychiatric illness takes a profound toll on the whole family.  Joseph helps families and individuals to discover the same well-being for themselves that they so urgently want for their loved ones in psychiatric crisis.


Of course your focus is on securing appropriate treatment and resources for your loved one.  When the severely mentally ill are in crisis, they are voiceless and marginalized: very often more vulnerable to harm, neglect, and exploitation than children, and very often as imperiled as victims of human trafficking.  But what of your own well-being? 


Whether as individuals or as systems of relatives and supportive others, the families of the severely mentally ill are tested in ways that other families and community members may never fully understand.  A number of organizations offer psychoeducation and social support to the families of those with severe mental illness; NAMI, in particular, shines in this regard.  Sometimes that’s exactly what is needed.  If you need something more, we have some ideas born from decades of working with thousands of severely mentally ill individuals and their families within the context of LPS law.


There is so much that you already have.  Endurance and versatility.  The authority to write your own story and create your own meaning.  Undiscovered possibilities.  The strength to rise above impoverishing cultural norms, biases, and power imbalances.  You are not your problems: you are the expert on your own life.  Our eclectic approach to family and individual psychotherapy, combining Existential therapy with techniques drawn from Narrative therapy and essential, empowering principles of Feminist theory, can help to remind you of this.

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Your psychotic adult daughter is homeless but the police won’t take her to an ER. What's their reason this time? She’s just a manipulative addict? She has a right to eat garbage? You should obtain a restraining order if you really want to help her?

Your manic husband needs extended locked treatment but the hospital won't hold him. Why? He swears he'll take his meds? He hasn't yet "bottomed out?" He may have given all of his money to strangers on the internet but he's clean and smart?


Your demented mother will die without locked placement but the rehabilitation center is sending her home. Do they expect you to believe that if she's stable with their 24-hour professional assistance and supervision she'll remain stable at home? 


Mental health and law enforcement systems often diminish the well-being of the severely mentally ill as much as illness does. Tell us about your loved one, we'll tell you about psychiatry and the law, and this won't have to be true for your family.

Prepare to take notes. Receive high-quality audio recordings of our conversations. A wealth of information is coming your way: what the law permits and requires, how every inch of the system actually works, and your recommended next steps.

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