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The Support Membership



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Family Action Consultation & LPS Crisis Record 

You and Joseph will create powerful, evolving documentation of your loved one's struggles, then you'll activate the mental health professionals who can help you most with information the system actually wants, in the clinico-legal language it requires. 


$2800 retainer (14 hours)

Family Therapy

Severe psychiatric illness takes a profound toll on the whole family.  Joseph helps families and individuals to discover the same well-being for themselves that they so urgently want for their loved ones in psychiatric crisis.


$200/1hr Therapy Session

Crisis Intervention

When new challenges arise or old challenges become unmanageable, Joseph will intervene directly with your loved one with the goals of creating trust, ensuring safety, and restoring health. 

$1200 retainer (6 hours)

Client Advocacy

When a case gets too complicated, Joseph becomes the voice of the family, contacting doctors, administrators, attorneys, social workers: anyone and everyone involved in decision-making, to provoke commitments to care and optimize outcomes.

$800 retainer (4 hours)

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Learn More

For all other services, the hourly rate is the same and is billed in blocks on a retainer basis at the commencement of service. 

We accept cash and all major credit cards.

We do not accept insurance, primarily because the majority of our services are not covered. 

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