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Finally, your own expert consultant...

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You lie awake at night because your loved one is suffering.

  • You spend your days repairing what their illness has broken.

  • You've sacrificed your dreams and received no real help in return.

  • You dread the next crisis.

  • You fear that the current crisis will end like the last crisis.

  • You are thankful for a day that would be anyone else's worst day.

Stressed Woman

You wish someone with all the answers would guide you. 

That's what we do. That's what The Support Membership is for. 


Imagine how you'll feel when you've got an expert by your side no matter what challenge arises. When you know exactly what to expect, say, and do to ensure your loved one receives the care and treatment they require.


  • You'll relish the chance to see peace and health return to your loved one.

  • You and your family will restore shared dreams, or build new ones.

  • You will reclaim some of the self-care time that everyone deserves.

  • You'll have the opportunity to seek therapy to deal with your own struggles.





More than ever, Californians whose loved ones require involuntary psychiatric treatment struggle to obtain as much as they need, when they need it.


It takes first-hand experience in every major involuntary context to guide you to the outcomes you and your loved one require.


One mental health professional has that experience.


With our Support Membership, we can finally make Joseph's expertise available to everyone who needs it.

Answers when you need them.

Our premier membership feature is your direct email connection with Joseph.

Ask him questions from your Support Membership portal and he will provide guidance via detailed responses, specific to your situation. Unlike a group message board, this is private, direct, ongoing correspondence with Joseph.

Your membership allows you to e-mail unlimited questions to Joseph as they arise and receive written responses within 24 to 48 hours.   

This feature enables our clients to get solid answers to burning questions when lengthy phone consultation is not required.

Phone Consultation

Perhaps one of the most exciting advantages of the Support Membership: Subscribers receive 37% off all phone consultations with Joseph. Our regular phone rate is $200/hour, however as a member you pay only $125/hour. Your membership can pay for itself in a single call.

Video Therapy

Always a useful resource: As a subscriber to the Support Membership you receive 25% off all Video Psychotherapy sessions with Joseph for you or your loved one. You save $50 off the usual hourly rate of $200/hr.

LPS Crisis Record

No one else can offer this.  Our proprietary, customized clinico-legal documentation helps you obtain involuntary psychiatric care for those who've been ignored or underserved by the system: as much treatment as necessary, as soon as possible. Your 15% Support Membership discount takes $375 off the LPSCR's standard $2500 price.


VIP Benefits


You will also find our events and workshop calendar. All members receive discounts on events and workshops.

We make it easy to sign up. 

After that, the membership fee of $197 per month is auto-billed. 

Our custom retainers can be expensive. We priced The Support Membership to be accessible. Everyone deserves the best possible guidance. 

For less than the price of a one hour consultation with Joseph, you have unlimited access to his expertise via email. Ask important questions 24/7.


“Joseph persisted and was determined to get (our daughter) the help she needed in spite of the many obstacles in his path…  He was extremely responsive, professional, and dedicated to helping (her).  He not only did the required court work in an outstanding manner, he also was thorough in seeing that the foundation was laid for appropriate aftercare…  In my mind, he is a miracle worker.  I truly believe that it is only through his efforts that (our daughter) is finally obtaining the help she needs.” 


C.P., mother of former client, letter to Board of Supervisors, San Diego County

Who is this for?

The Support Membership is for you if:

  • Your family member meets criteria for grave disability.

  • Voluntary treatment has proven ineffective or has been refused.

  • Involuntary treatment has been under-utilized by your local mental health system or withheld altogether.

  • Professionals either fail to incorporate your insights and experience into treatment planning, or refuse it altogether.

  • Your loved one is an adult, whether a student experiencing their first psychotic break, a chronically ill "frequent flyer," or an elder whose dementia can no longer be managed in open settings. 

  • Primary impairment is psychiatric, and substance abuse, intellectual disability, or TBI is secondary.

If this list describes your challenges, The Support Membership is for you. 

Who is this not for?

Our services are not appropriate for those who...


  • Seek referrals to voluntary services such as outpatient medication management, case management, day treatment,  or open placement. 

  • Do not meet criteria for grave disability, meaning functional impairment does not endanger their health and well being.

  • Are primarily impaired by substance abuse, intellectual disability, or TBI.

  • Are willing and able to utilize clinically indicated treatment and care on a voluntary basis.

Image by Jon Flobrant


“You contacted the police and remained on the phone with them while trailing the bus as well as contacting hospital personnel.  Through your involvement and persistence, you were instrumental in ensuring that our conservatee was safely hospitalized and was getting his basic and treatment needs while separating him from an individual who was exploiting him.”


Ellen Schmeding, Director of Aging and Independence Services, Health and Human Services Agency, County of San Diego



The Support Membership is open to a limited number of clients.

We want to serve every member well, so we've capped the number of available spots. Once they are filled, we'll start a waiting list. Ideally this membership could be open to everyone, but Joseph himself is the only expert responding to everyone's questions and needs, so low numbers ensure the highest quality of service.

What happens when I sign up?

Once you sign up online, you will receive a Welcome email explaining all the details and may begin using our services right away. 

How strong of a value is The Support Membership?

A whole year of membership costs about as much as eight hours of regularly-priced phone consultation.  Each month your membership more than pays for itself when you use two hours of discounted phone consultation or four hours of discounted therapy. Your discount on one LPS Crisis Record virtually pays for two months of membership.

What if I no longer need The Support Membership?

You may cancel at any time. While we do not offer refunds on partial months, we will promptly cancel your membership for the following month.

Image by Jack Sharp

It's personal.


What harms them, harms you.


Let's work together to create a safe, respectful outcome for your loved one, so you can rest your heart and mind. 

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