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Maybe your adult daughter is psychotic on the streets and the police won’t take her to the hospital because they think she’s just a manipulative addict, or the hospital won’t refer your manic spouse for LPS conservatorship because they can verbalize a plan for self-care and there’s no apparent reason to believe they can’t execute it, or the facility treating your demented father will not acknowledge the danger of sending him back home because your loud sibling with questionable motives insists they will take care of him.  Maybe you’ve come to feel that the public mental health system is as much a barrier to your loved one’s well-being as the illness you thought it would combat.  This is not true. 

We will combine everything you know about your loved one with everything we know about the intersection of psychiatry and the law to produce the definitive case for your loved one’s treatment and care.  Detailed, concise, and written in the clinico-legal language which will command the system’s attention, your LPS Crisis Record will be tailored to your loved one’s specific  psychiatric needs, accounting for the resources they’ve got and the resources they need.  Just as important as identifying these needs, your LPSCR will teach you how to win the system’s help in meeting them.


“Joseph persisted and was determined to get (our daughter) the help she needed in spite of the many obstacles in his path…  He was extremely responsive, professional, and dedicated to helping (her).  He not only did the required court work in an outstanding manner, he also was thorough in seeing that the foundation was laid for appropriate aftercare…  In my mind, he is a miracle worker.  I truly believe that it is only through his efforts that (our daughter) is finally obtaining the help she needs.” 


C.P., mother of former client, letter to Board of Supervisors, San Diego County


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