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As its name suggests, Family Action Consultation produces documentation -- your LPS Crisis Record -- that you yourself will use to obtain necessary treatment and services for your loved one after we've taught you how to most effectively engage with the various players in the local mental health system.  You are the expert on your loved one and you are dedicated to their well-being with an energy that no one else can match, so it makes sense for you to do this work on their behalf. 


However, when complex or atypical communications are required, it may be useful for us to advocate for your loved one in your place.  For example, when one family was unable to convince the inpatient psychiatric treatment team at a major out-of-county medical center that their son met criteria for grave disability and was an appropriate candidate for LPS conservatorship, we successfully interceded with that facility’s medical director.  Nearly discharged to the streets, this young man was instead placed on permanent LPS conservatorship, transferred to a long-term locked facility for nine months of rehabilitative treatment, and discharged to a board-and-care home for gradual reintegration into the community.  Client advocacy tends to be quite time-consuming and thus costly, and there is no guarantee that it will be successful, but in certain circumstances there is no substitute.


“We’d be in the dark without you.  You are a rare find: you truly care about people.

Without you, after the last two years of broken system agony I’d be a complete basket case, as the system would be completely killing me.  You give me hope, such a gift.

You saved (my son’s) life three times: preventing early discharge twice and then release with conservatorship.  I’m forever grateful.”

--E.W., mother of former client

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